Man makes himself to address some questions by being in this world. Because world life proceeds only with questions.

Who am I, what should I do, am I happy, why is this happening, etc. We all carry the questions with us somewhere in our lifetime, maybe there may be questions we carry until our life ends.

But after all these questions, the “sultan of the questions” comes and sticks to our collar one day and asks us to find various answers about him until we die.

This question is: Where did you live your life?

İsmet Özel said, “Living has passed away,” Yahya Kemal said, “I have seen and understood the adventure of living.”

Perhaps it is necessary to think of the questions we ask throughout our lives like the organs of a body. When we ask the question “where did you live your life“, we will reach a magnificent whole, a body.

This is a joy. Because people who struggle with all kinds of problems and questions have reached a question, a whole that can be an answer to a total, by asking this question.

It can only be demonstrated that even the arrival to this question is given the right to “exist“. And of course, the answers we give to this question are a long “wish” boarding.

We live to come to this question, and even if we managed to find an answer to this question, this answer is of course sad. Because this is the world.

Hello, I’m Alperen Özin. In this blog, I am looking for an answer to the question “where did you live your life”.

While doing this, it takes the cities, places and history with me; I think that I can find an answer to the “sultan of questions” as a result of the ties that can be established with these, that is, life